Our Story

From the Black Forest

Gerhard Jenne, the creator of Konditor & Cook was born in Freiburg, the gateway to the Black Forest. Licking the bowls out after his Mum baked her Apfelkuchen was his early introduction to the deliciousness of baking.

Gerhard’s sister then married the village baker and before the sun set on a summer holiday he found himself apprenticed as a proper baker.

It was during his apprenticeship as a Konditor (pastry chef) in Munich where Gerhard developed a taste for fine and indulgent cakes juxtaposed with an interest in healthy savoury whole food.

First Steps

In 1983 Gerhard started working for society grocer & baker Justin de Blank who was one of the pioneers that led to the revolution of the mid 90’s in London. It was here that Gerhard made a name for himself as a cake creator for celebrities from Tina Turner to the Rolling Stones. And in his head formed the idea of one day setting up his own bespoke cake shop.

In June 1993 just as the Jubilee Line was to be built, Gerhard found a small bakery in Waterloo that needed a breath of fresh air. By Christmas that year the first mince pies were baking in London’s first Konditor & Cook, Bespoke Bakery & Food Shop.

Our Ethos

Training, consistency, creativity and quality control are at the heart of Konditor & Cook which to this day reflects both handmade sweets (Konditor) and freshly made savouries (Cook).

Konditor & Cook makes enjoying cakes easy and our range includes ‘free-from’ options such as wheat free or dairy free recipes.

Gold-star winning Whiskey Bomb, legendary Magic Cakes, hugely popular chocolate vanilla Curly Whirly and a well stocked Brownie Bar are unique to Konditor & Cook which has created a cult following amongst the cake cognoscenti.

The Future

With already six shops and now our new Online Shop we hope to continue to spread the joys of great tasting homemade food with the wow factor.

The story continues…

Our Vision